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Eden Eternal FAQ

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Eden Eternal FAQ

Post  Demonskid on Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:21 pm

Eden Eternal Game FAQ

  1. Q: My Class exp bar is at 100% why won't I level?

    A: If your character level is the same as the class level, and hasn't leveled yet then your class won't level. A Level 10 Character at 50%xp needs to level to 11 for the Class lvl 10 at 100%xp to level. Best thing to do is switch classes for a bit to level something else until the character levels.

  2. Q: How do I get a Alpaca/Llama mount?

    A: At level 25 you recive a quest to reach level 30. Once reaching level 30 and doing as the quest tells you, you will get the Alpaca Mount.

  3. Q: Why aren't I getting exp in this dungeon?

    A: Check the dungeons level then your level. If you are the right level then check your team mates level. Some one in the party is too high level and blocks the exp gain for the lower levels.


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